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First and foremost — THANK YOU for your service or even consideration to serve!

The majority of new visitors to the site are premedical students in the thick of MCAT studying, medical school application, final exams and probably a move as college is ending.  Stress is high, sleep is sparse and the stress of everything involved with medical school is suffocating.  You may even be a board certified physician who feels the calling to selflessly serve.

No matter who you are…the void of useful information, unreachable recruiters who know little about military medicine, and the negativity of SDN is brutally frustrating.

This site is focussed on High-Yield, objective information to help you feel confident in your decision to pursue life as a Military Physician or not.

Questions we will try to simplify for you:

  1. WHY every pre-med should at least consider time in the military
  2. WHO military medicine is best suited for
  3. WHO will likely be disappointed with Military Medicine
  5. HOW to maximize your time, money and practice while you serve

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Please ask questions as they arise.  Please comment or contact us with useful information to improve the site for those seeking this information.